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It’s important to make sure your boiler receives regular servicing, to make sure that it runs at optimal efficiency and, most importantly, does not break down! Talk to us about our servicing options. We can tailor them to you and your budget to make sure you have hot water all year round.

If your boiler does run into problems, we can find faults quickly and carry out repairs often on the same day.

Sometimes a boiler simply comes to the end of its life and needs replacing. At Amesbury Plumbing and Heating, we have a team of qualified boiler installation specialists who can make the upheaval of having an old boiler removed and a new one fitted much less daunting.

Firstly, we will agree with you the specific time and day that suits you for the work to be carried out. Secondly, all carpets and surfaces over which our engineers will be working or walking are covered and protected. Thirdly, we carry and can work with almost all boiler parts and products available so you we should be able to help you in every case and eventuality. Next, once we have completed the work, we leave everything as we found it, so the hoover and dustpan and brush can stay in the cupboard after we’re gone. And finally, all our engineers are Gas Safe and Oftec Registered so you are assured on a safe and legal boiler installation.

Whatever your boiler needs, Amesbury Plumbing and Heating can almost certainly help, so give us a call us today on 01980 623 267 for fast, friendly and quality assured work.